Main list of requested features

Propose and discuss any feature to add to moltosenso Network Manager
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Main list of requested features

Postby moltosenso » Wed May 30, 2012 - 7:03 pm

Hi everybody!

These are the features that the Community has asked us to include in the next releases of our moltosenso Network Manager software:
  • HEX conversion in the Terminal Tab;
  • advanced scripting interface with conditional expressions to trigger actuators plugged on Digi modules in function of reached thresholds, specific alerts or expired timers;
  • graphical and file data logger;
  • advanced API builder with script functionalities and responses interpreter.

We are available to discuss other features!
Open a new post to discuss a feature (even if present in the above list).
The feature will be then added to this list.

These are the features that are already available on our moltosenso Network Manager software:
  • natively cross-platform: available for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms;
  • API Operation (with and without escaped characters);
  • get/set of the parameters of Digi International modules plugged to the PC and remotely addressable, both in API and AT mode;
  • graphic test for RSSI parameter, with packet lost statistics;
  • firmware upload (local and - where available - remote);
  • [BRONZE] automatic setting of the serial port for an easier communication with the local device;
  • [BRONZE][XBEE] GUI interface for easy I/O lines setting of both local and remote Digi XBEE modules;
  • [BRONZE][XBEE] GUI interface for reading measurements and setting output digital lines of both analog (mV read) and digital input lines;
  • [SILVER] creation of scripts to get and set repetitively the parameters of the modules. Step-by-step debug functionality for the real time monitoring of the commands issued to the nodes.